The Time When I Cared

A scientific mind,
logic leading the race,
explaining every magic trick,
accepting reality's embrace.

No more sparkles,
no more enchants,
life isn't as mystic,
as everyone wants.

Yet they still believe,
they still pretend,
that there is good people,
or life after the end.

But I am not like them,
I can see the truth,
it's really obvious,
they must be fools.

I warn them and tell them,
again and again,
but they never listen,
they don't want to learn.

Life is so sad,
so full of pain,
nothing is worth it,
every effort is vain.

Laughter and joy,
they express everyday,
I know it's a lie,
an artificial display.

Stop having fun!
Stop laughing around!
In less than a century,
you'll be dirt on the ground!

How do they do it?
Doesn't make any sense.
I've tried many times,
to regain innocence.

A slam on the table,
a kick to the door,
it's so frustrating,
I lay on the floor.

When did this happen?
Where did I go wrong?
Behind my stoic veil,
All my desires are gone.

Please, anyone,
I'm so scared,
I want to go back,
to the time when I cared.

I want to live,
enjoy things again,
before it's too late,
and I leave this domain.

But alas, I'm alone,
no one is around,
I shunned them away,
with my loathing rounds.

Now I can see,
that I was the fool,
yes, life is meaningless,
so live it to the full.

Have your desires,
your passions too,
don't live like me,
don't be a buffoon.