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The first rant
By: Strelly (2022-05-10 14:12:09) - Last update: 2022-05-18 02:42:46
Strelly.net is not new, there's been other versions before, but I always took them down because I couldn't help but feel like it was pointless, or that no one would care about this at all.
Which is fair, it would be weird if random people started caring about a random website all of a sudden.

I don't know, I'll always feel weird towards my internet presence. Scared to be known, but longing for connections, forever drifting in what feels like a fractured network full of pocket communities isolated from each other.

Yet here I am, planting my flag in this unused plot of the cyberworld, letting my mind machinations infect whoever ends up finding this, isolating myself even more.

Thank you for finding this and taking the time to read this by the way.

Hopefully this time I won't delete it, I won't take it down and years down the line I'll be able to read through all of this and smile.
Explore all my weird creations and maybe, just maybe, talk about it with people I met throughout the journey.

I'm not good at finding or building community, and I'm always jealous of those who easily find like minded people all over.
But the only variable is me, so I have to be the one changing in order to achieve that goal. That's why I won't stop trying.

Thanks for reading.
Much love.