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By: Strelly (2022-08-30 00:38:08) - Last update: 2022-08-30 00:38:08
When I was a kid I didn't have a very powerful computer, so I was mostly limited to browser games.
This wasn't a problem though, since there were a lot of quality browser games around, meaning I was never short on entertainment when I used the PC.

One of the times I was exploring the internet for more games, I came across a little gem called "WhizzBall!".
It was a Discovery Kids game, and it was about creating contraptions that would lead a metal ball into the goal.

It was tiled based and you had things like treadmills, catapults, teleporters, punch machines and some other things that would let you create interesting courses for the ball to traverse.

After you were done with your level, you could then upload it to their servers as a puzzle, in which some pieces of the level would be missing, and the other players would have to put them in the correct place to reassemble the course.

It was honestly great, and I remember spending large amounts of time playing it and creating levels.
Until one day it was gone.
They took it down and I wasn't able to play it again.

Every now and then I would search for it when the name popped into my head, but to no avail.
Until this year!

Someone actually got the archived client of the game and recreated the backend servers for it to work properly again, and has it up and running on their website.

I was so happy to find it again.

It doesn't have the same hook it had on my younger self, but I didn't mind spending some time playing a couple of community levels and recalling memories from the past.

That's it for now though.

Thanks a lot for reading.

Much love.