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The void
By: Strelly (2022-12-24 02:30:24) - Last update: 2022-12-24 16:25:55
Sometimes, I like to spend some time just thinking about the universe and where it came from.

I like to formulate theories about where our universe came from, why it works the way it does, etc.
And overtime, those theories evolve and mature as I find loopholes in them, or I simply read about what other people that know more about the universe than I do, say about it.

Now, I didn't study physics or anything. They are mostly uneducated thoughts I find easy to believe.

An example of these thoughts, although maybe not to do with physics and actual phenomena, is the possibility and irrelevancy of the universe being a simulation.
And I say irrelevancy because after thinking about it a lot, I don't feel like it'd matter a whole lot if the universe was a simulation or not.
It wouldn't make our experiences any less real, and we'd still have to live the same way in any case.
So in that regard, I ended up not caring about it at all, because the existance of a "Programmer" wouldn't change much.

Also, it's way more fun to think about these kinds of things if you don't believe we live in a programmed simulation and that's just why everything works the way it does.

Another example of a fun thought experiment has to do with the origin of the things that make up our universe.
And I'm not talking about the big bang or something like that.
Not even about the origin of the matter that made the big bang happen.
Which, as far as I understand, comes from some kind of quantum phenomena that makes energy spikes in the form of photons or other bosons to decay into the particles (and misteriously absent antiparticles) that make our univrse like protons and what not. Don't quote me on that though.

I'm talking about the origin of the laws that make that happen.

Where did the energy that decayed into particles come from? Why does it happen to decay that way to form matter?

I could see the existence of something like a quantum field that has a probability to generate random energy spikes, which then decay, in fact, if I'm not mistaken, that's the basis for Hawking Radiation.

But where did that quantum field come from, and why does it work like that?

That's the question that's been in my mind for some time now, and my leading theory has to do with the title of this rant.

The void, not as in, the void of space, or the void inside our universe.
I'm talking about a true void where there are no natural laws, where there is absolutely nothing going on, a complete lack of environment.

If something like that were to exist. I think everything would be bound to happen in it.

The reason I think that, has to do with math and probability.

In probability, the chance of something happening has to do with the environment.
If you want to see if you get a blue or red ball, you need to have an environment with blue and red balls.
If you don't, you'd be dividing by zero.
So if there is no environment, any possibility is divided by zero.

Now, I know a division by zero is considered "not a number" or "undefined", and I'm not gonna argue with that.

But let's follow another logic for a moment.

This simply being that by following the fact that the closer you are to dividing by zero, the larger the number becomes, it's easy to extrapolate and assume that you end up with infinity when dividing by zero.

So, if there is no environment, or a true void, if you try to calculate the probability of something like, I don't know, a quantum field that follows the rules that lead to our universe existing, it'd turn out that it will happen eventually, with a probability of infinity.

Now, an argument I came up against that is that, for example, if you have an empty box, the probability of finding a tenis ball inside is not infinite.

But in that case, we do have an environment.
One that has rules that allow for there to not be any tenis balls inside the box, and we can know that, if we check the box, we know the probability is zero.

In a similar manner, if we divide a cake for zero persons, the cake still exists, it doesn't become undefined.
Because the universe follows some rules.

But in a true void, there are no such rules, there's no "common sense", no physicality, no checking if there are tenis balls in the box or not.

And that leads me to believe that our universe was always bound to happen, and that there are many more things beyond the reach of our universe.

Because if the void can "imagine" it. It will happpen.

Please don't take this rant too seriously. I'm in no way educated to talk about the physics of reality or our universe and these are just fun thought experiments I've had and wanted to share in case someone else finds them fun too.

I'm not claiming to know how our universe works or how it came to be, or if that's even possible to know, all I'm doing is expressing something I'd find easy to believe.

Thanks a lot for reading.

Much love.