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After a long time
By: Strelly (2023-10-09 21:55:32) - Last update: 2023-10-09 21:55:32
So, it's been a while since the last time I wrote anything on this website.

In fact, the website was down for a couple of months, but I never deleted the contents, just didn't want to pay for the hosting when it didn't even provide free basic SSL.

But now it does, so the site is back up with everything where it was, except for a couple of new features which I promised in a previous rant.

These being the links section of the page, which I'll use to link to other cool websites I find, and who knows, maybe I'll even join a webring or something; and the random section which sends you to a randomly selected page between some options with different probabilities.
Right now there aren't many options, only four to be exact, but I'll make sure the selection grows over time.

Many of the secrets that were previously hidden in the source code of the website and what not will now be accessible through the random section, so that's cool.

So yeah, I finally implemented the features I promised, and also upgraded the back end of the site, making my life a bit easier.

Apart from that, I've been coding my own programming language just for fun, I've released the demo of my game to no fanfare, started coding a fighting game styled input manager for godot to learn how those work, am thinking about starting a zine which would include different things like a small comic idea I've had for a long while, which I already attempted to create as a webcomic a couple of years ago but then dropped; and some other things.

I'll talk about the projects more in depth in future rants, this one is more of a catch up kind of thing.

Who knows how long this burst of motivation for this site will last, hopefully forever, but I won't promise anything.

Anyway, that's it for now, thanks a lot for reading.

Much love.