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By: Strelly (2022-05-12 15:42:56) - Last update: 2022-05-12 15:44:49
For the past four months I've been playing ring fit every day, having one to two hours sessions with it depending on how I'm feeling on that day.

I didn't expect to get muscles, I mostly just did it to stay active and healthy, and also to have something grounding me down to Earth.
But I'm happy to say, I have defined muscles all over my body. They obviously aren't going to grow as big as for someone weight lifting and doing more focused excercise, but I don't want that anyway. I'm really happy with the state my body is in right now.

Obviously the excercise is only part of it, I've been eating less sugar, limiting my sweets to cookies. I also stopped drinking carbonated drinks around six or eight years ago.
Balancing diet and excercise is probably the main necessity for healthy weight losing.

So now, how has this excercise affected me?

I already talked about how I'm more confident and happy with my body, but excercising has helped me a lot with my posture, and I mean it.
My back doesn't feel horrible 24/7 and I have more flexibility as well, I've been having less and less cramps when doing weird movements.
Going places doesn't tire me anymore.

Another surprising effect it's had is in the betterment of my jaw.
My jaw used to lock a lot from bruxism. This led to it cracking everytime I opened and closed my mouth, I got used to it, but it's still very annoying.
After excercising, thanks to my better posture and the strengthening of other back muscles and neck my jaw is much better. Now it only clicks on rare occasions and it doesn't hurt when chewing on stuff.

It probably also helps that excercising tires my muscles so I don't clench my jaws as hard as before. Whatever the case is, it's helped me a lot.

Now, mentally, excercising has also helped me.
First of all, being able to stick to doing it every day has made me realize that I can stick to things, I can follow up on what I say. Although that wasn't much of a problem before.
It also has made me have something to look forward to.

Despite being tiring and sometimes unpleasent, I've come to enjoy excercising, it takes my mind out of things, focus on the moment thanks to forcing my mind to focus on the excercise and my body focusing on doing it well. Everything else fades away and I'm free from my anxieties. Which, thanks to these resting moments, I've been able to approach from different angles and make them better.

I'm not gonna say excercising is the cure for anxiety or, for anything for that matter, everyone's situation is different. But I won't deny that in my circumstances, it was what I needed to find myself in a mentally healthier place. So maybe you could try it if you are able to see if it works for you.

As a final note. I'd like to mention that it took three months to start to see my weight go down. But now it's been steadily declining, lowering my fat and increasing my muscles. So don't expect to see results in a week or month.
This probably depends on your body, and metabolism, but yeah, don't expect fast results, perseverance is key.

That's pretty much it. The more time that passes, the less I like Nintendo, but I still have to thank them for releasing ring fit, even though joycon drift ends up giving me a lot of problems. Really I hate Nintendo.

Thanks for reading.
Much love.