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Bad days
By: Strelly (2022-05-16 19:21:15) - Last update: 2022-05-16 19:22:58
These last couple days have been pretty weird. I've been feeling down, but not for any particular reason.

I haven't been able to work on my game that much, although I've forced myself to at least do some designs on pen and paper. But my mood hasn't really let me work on it like the past few months.

This has led me to feel a bit bad, like, this game I'm doing right now, Wishbind, it's a game I've had in mind since around 2014, it's literally my dream project, yet I'm not able to work on it.

I don't blame myself, of course, we all feel down from time to time, and we all have times when we can't do anything except lay down and watch videos or streams or whatever. So even though I feel bad for not being able to work on my game, I've come to accept that fact and live with it.

I owe nothing to anyone, and this game is, at least for now, being made for myself. Bad times will pass and I will go back to work and finish this project like I've done with many projects before.

Another aspect that is being affected is my excercise.

I still force myself to do 1 or 2 hours of excercise, but these days they've felt like a drag. I get tired more easily, I constantly feel like stopping before I reach my time goal, etc.

Luckily, since excercising has become a habit of mine, I can still pull through and after each session, I feel a little bit better.

I also have a couple of ideas for this website, I'll probably add a Random(); option in the menu that will take you to random subpages that can't be accessed through other means, and also a Links(); section that would link to other websites that I think are cool, to try and build a network of interesting and/or unique websites.
But let's see when my strength comes back.

Thanks a lot for reading.
Much love.