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By: Strelly (2022-06-05 12:15:13) - Last update: 2022-06-05 12:17:21
I recently was in Iceland on vacation, and throughout the journey I stayed in a couple of hostels, and some of them had guestbooks.

I've always liked the idea of a guestbook.
They are like a community written story which tells the experiences and adventures of the previous people that stayed there, all for you to check out.

For example, in one of the guestbooks, someone talked about a small lake that was a bit to the north of the house, but once I reached the spot, there was only a small pond.
Confused, I decided to look in google maps which had pictures from a couple years back, and in fact, there used to be a lake there, that was slowly being lost to time.
Isn't that cool? How this little story developed through a small entry in a random hostel guestbook?
It really felt like I was uncovering a lost civilization manuscript or something, learning about how the world used to work back then and going on adventures.

Of course most of the time guestbooks only contain greetings and opinions about the hostel, and within these kinds of entries, is my favorite type.
The drawings.

I love flipping a page to discover a rendition of the surrounding landscape, or a drawing of a fictional character I recognize, or maybe just an original character they decided to draw.
It's always fascinating no matter the skill of the person drawing.

Sadly those are the least common, I rarely see drawings in guestbooks, but at least I got to enjoy some.

That being said, of course I left my mark in those guestbooks, filling up a new page.
So if you go to Iceland and find yourself looking through guestbooks, you may find one signed by Strelly with a couple of drawings.

That's all for now, thanks a lot for reading.

Much love.