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Music and experiences
By: Strelly (2022-06-05 16:51:03) - Last update: 2022-06-05 16:51:03
So this is the second rant that came to mind when I was in Iceland. Specifically when I was driving, had my music on and was vibing to it.
The other people in the car were always talking about how similar it was to other music they listen to, etc. And as a whole, they really didn't seem to be into the music, always thinking about other songs, or just not paying that much attention to it.

Then someone else started playing their music, showing me the tunes they said were very similar to the ones I played, and I was very confused, because none of them really sounded similar to me, I really felt like they didn't have the emotions behind them like the ones I listen to.
And the same thing happened with other music, I wasn't able to pay that much attention to it. I was probably experiencing the same thing they experienced when I had my music on.

I started thinking about why this was. How come our music always sounds "better" than other people music?
We see it all the time, specially with the annoying people that put their speakers at full blast on public transport or when walking around town. I feel like they really think those songs are somehow the pinnacle of music and everyone will enjoy them or something.

So after thinking about it for a while, I think I came to a conclusion.

All the music I listen to is tied to experiences I've had.
Games I've beaten, videos or movies I've seen, songs that played during important moments in my life, etc.

And that makes me think that it's not the songs, but the experiences they represent what makes this happen.
What let's us vibe with them and why, at least myself, prefer to listen to my own music than others, even when I don't dislike what they are playing, at least for the majority of the time.
Of course there are moments in which I'm looking for new music and am more open to new songs and all.

That's all for now, thanks a lot for reading.

Much love.