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Iceland is a Monster Hunter map
By: Strelly (2022-06-05 19:07:33) - Last update: 2022-06-05 19:07:33
This is the final rant I thought about while in Iceland, making it a trilogy.

I really liked the country, it's very beautiful.
It reminds me a lot of where I live, but bigger and colder, which makes me like it more.
So I can say that Iceland has everything I love, while reminding me of home.

From the giant beaches that span kilometers, giant green pastures hosting a wide variety of birds, lambs, horses and many other animals, to the volcanic (some still erupting) mountains and ice covered terrain and waters. It really seems to have it all.

So naturally, as a Monster Hunter fan, I started imagining Rathalos flying around, Lagiacrus swiming in the cold waters, Tigrex running around the snow...

It would really fit so well.

I even listened to Monster Hunter music while driving around and that made the similarities become more apparent.

Maybe the only thing missing is a big forest, but everything else that appears in Monster Hunter could be represented there. Lava filled volcanoes, icy rivers, lakes and beaches, huge green pastures, rocky mountains and cold snowy tops.

Maybe it inspired some of the Monster Hunter locales and we don't know. I really wouldn't be surprised.

Anyway, that's all, I really enjoyed my time in Iceland and I hope to go back some day.
Thanks a lot for reading.

Much love.